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About US

Construction material brand, MYTOW!

Bupyeong Metal has developed plasterboard anchors based on the best quality, technology, and knowledge to advance into the global anchor and hardware market. Based on the passion, pioneering spirit, and creativity of our employees, we will continue to devote ourselves to R&D and develop the best products for humanity.

Leaping forward into the future global market, Bupyeong Metal has come one step closer toward consumers through the online and offline market by introducing its flagship products, TOW Anchors and Rails, which allow general consumers to use hardware products with ease.
We are also getting ready to advance into global markets such as the U.S., Europe, and Asia and launch a next generation wall system that combines TOW Anchors and Rails.
We are moving forward step by step to continue developing and supplying new products that combine domestic manufacturing technology, accumulated R&D, and systematic designs to leap into the global market.

Core value

Strategic Development Plans

Wall Systems

Wall Systems: Develop a basic wall system that combines design and technology by 2018 / Develop parts and themes for the wall system and the converged wall system with automation of things by 2019

TOW Plaster Anchor Ver. 2

Start the development of safe anchors with excellent performance and adopt the basic anchors for civil engineering and construction

100 Best Global

100 Best Global: 100 Best Global Metal Items & 1,000 Best Domestic Metal Items

Establishment of domestic distributors

Establishment of domestic distributors: Elevate to the status of a research center and establish domestic branches and distributors (from 2019)

Medium and Long-term Strategic Objectives


Wall Systems, TOP3 Anchor Bolts & 100 Best Global Items in 2020
1,000 Best Domestic Items & Global Branches